About us

ICL is a group of company, like Image Career Limited, Image Sewa Sansthan, ICL Mutual Benefits, ICL Organic Dairy & Many More. It has various Product and Services like Electronic Item, Magnetik Item, Herbal Item, Fmcg Product, Garment Sector and more. We will collaborate across boundaries and find common ground by sharing ideas and resources, with a wide range of stakeholders. We will develop networks and build long term alliances with internal and external customers. We will promote a culture of openness and mutual trust by interacting objectively and without underlying personal interests. We will uphold the highest personal and professional integrity which demonstrates honestly, loyalty, respect and high ethical standards in all our responsibilities, obligations and other activities. We are committed to behave at all times in accordance with the ethical practices of the organization. ICL has established some simple shared values that unite the entire company and all of the Business Owners that are associated with ICL. We believe that these values guide our actions and help us to achieve everything we are capable of without compromise or harm.

ICL believes in empowering its members with the opportunity to lead their lives on their own terms.


Dr R K Gola, Chairperson of ICL Group started his business career in 1999 as consultant physician. He is an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual who always strives to achieve a very high standard in whatever is undertaken. He is conscientious, punctual and smart working person, capable of working alone or with others in a group. He has the ability to motivate others, proven leadership ability with team environment. He is highly committed and successful manager for last 13 years. He founded Image Career Pvt. Ltd. On 17-Dec-2008 at a very small scale but his hard working nature made this company very successful and he formed a group called ICL GROUP.